14 Locks, High Cross

Map Ref. ST279886

Nearest Postcode NP10 9GQ

Lat. N 51: 35:32 (N 51.592316)

Lon. W3:02:29 (W 3.041474)

From the Tregare Street meeting point.

Wait at the Cenotaph light for AGES.

Turn right and cross river by the Castle.

At the Old Green Roundabout take the third exit.

At the next (Harlequin) roundabout take the second exit to continue on the old Malpas Road. A 4051 (Signposted M4 WEST)

At the next roundabout M4 Junction 26, take the first exit and join motorway.

Leave at next junction 27. This is approx. one and a half miles further on.

From the roundabout at M4 Junction 27 (High Cross) take the third exit. This is the B4591 Glasllwch Crescent In the direction of High Cross, Rogerstone, & Risca.

After 800 yards take the right turn into Cefn Walk, which is signposted 14 Locks with a brown tourist sign.

After 200 yards cross canal via narrow hump back bridge.

50 yards further on turn right into 14 Locks car park.


Nice walk, but how do I get there?

Well you should go to the Tregare Street meeting point, be early we leave promptly.That way you can car share with others. But if you need instructions to get to the walk start point this page may be where you can find them.

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